We give you a platform to build any product. Be it big or small, we'll help bring your vision to life!

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Our Vision

To encourage students to identify potential products for use in the university ecosystem and develop means to address the same.

Identify a Problem
Invent a Solution
Establish Your Competency
Develop the Product

Who are we? Inc.

Engineering is meant to drive student’s problem solving capability for the real world. But most of the projects developed by students inside and outside their curriculum never get a chance to be implemented, because of lack of resources, motivation and framework.

PESU Inc. is aimed to change that.

It provides PESU students an opportunity to identify potential products for use in the university, propose a use-case, work on developing the prototype, test the product against real test cases, and implement it in the university, helping thousands of people in the way.

What's in it for me? Inc.

Don't let all the hardwork that you did for your academics go to waste - finish it the way you intended to, and make a difference in the University. Be recognised, and oh, you'll get paid a substantial amount for all the work that you've done! It just can't get better than this.

That's not all!

We have so much more for you.

We'll reward you with a certificate of honor. This will help improve your Resume.
Monthly Payment
Not just one time, the more you work - the more you earn! We make sure every hour of your hardwork is rewarded.
You will not only be impacting many lives here at PES University but will also be recognized for the work you've done.

You can make a difference.