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The Process

Registration Inc.

All interested students will be required to fill a form online, asking basic details and which problem they have identified and how they wish to solve it. They also need to upload their resume and how many people are needed for the job. Initial shortlisting will be done based on the same.

Interview Inc.

The shortlisted teams will be interviewed by SMEs/Alumni on the feasibility, time frame, maximum time required, development cycle, number of team members required, what are the other infrastructure required, do the teams coming in have the required skills to successfully complete the project, and the project will be short term, mid term or a long term project.

Selection Inc.

The selected teams will have the following ready:
1. Problem Statement
2. Team Size
3. Time Frame for development of each module
4. Total Duration
5. Infrastructure needs
6. Plan of Action

Development Inc.

The teams will start developing the product in a modular phase. Meetings will be set up with each team and their project supervisors, who will monitor the execution and the pace of the project.

Integration Inc.

The teams should work in tandem to keep integrating the modules being built, thus finishing the developed product. This will help in smoothening the process, and monitor the overall progress.

Testing & Implementation Inc.

The developed product should undergo heavy testing with all cases. Once passed, the developed product must be put across multiple platforms, or should have a physical establishment for the same, to be done in 1 month.

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